2018 Calendar

We are excited to announce the launch of the ONLY calendar of all major swimming races in the Open Waters (Oceans, Rivers, Lakes) around the world in 2018. This list is intended for all those swimmers preparing major OWS challenges (e.g. English Channel) that would like to know what is available around them as a preparation, as well as for those swimmers keen to use a swim as an excuse for an exotic trip elsewhere. As with everything, there had to be certain criteria to build it:
  1. In case of multi-stage events, only the first date is reflected
  2. In case of various distances offered, only the longest one is reflected
  3. In case of a finish line different than the start line, only the starting location is reflected
  4. If a major OWS doesn't have a date set for 2018 yet, we assume a date similar than 2017
  5. No organized trips or training camps are considered (SwimTrek, WaterWorldSwim)
  6. No Aquathlons, SwimRuns, Triathlons or Ironmans are considered
  7. Entry fees include registration fees, boats and kayaks, if these are compulsory
  8. No multi-ways are considered – unless the swim is intended like that (e.g. Acapulco)  
  9. No relay swims are considered – only solo swims
  10. No pool events are considered – only oceans, rivers or lakes (or dams)
  11. No wetsuit is always preferred – old school OWS!

Needless to say, we do not receive any commission from the race organizers and would like to be as comprehensive as possible, so if you are missing any race, please email us the details to info.globalswimmer@gmail.com

PS: We have uploaded until June 30 so far, and will finish the year in the next few days.

Any other suggestion is also welcome - we are hoping to be informative and helful!

The Global Swimmer Team