Continents Seven - The Book [English]

It has been three interesting months, working on various projects. I have finally managed to finish writing my first book, Continents Seven: Values for sports, business and life learned throughout the world. This is a summary of my 2018 adventures in the Seven Continents, plus the recent World Championships in the Arctic. Every swim is compared to a similar situation I have faced in my professional or personal life, in order to draw a number of conclusions and lessons very valuable to the reader, regardless of his / her background. 
  • Foreword (by Steven Munatones, founder of WOWSA)
  • Introduction 1: Take risks, success is outside of your comfort zone.
  • Introduction 2: Dream big, and don’t stop until you make it.
  • Continents Seven: Develop your personal brand and fly solo.
  • 1. Oceania: Failure as a part of success.
  • 2. Africa: Learn to live with sharks.
  • 3. South America: Follow your own path and goals.
  • 4. Europe: Don’t let any jellyfish stop you.
  • 5. North America: Stop trying to see in the dark.
  • 6. Asia: Find your passion and purpose in life.
  • 7. Antarctica: Trust the process and in your abilities.
  • Bonus: Arctic: Become the best in your niche market.
  • Afterword: Thoughts, future plans and acknowledgements.
The English is being fine-tuned as we speak. Stay tuned, as I upload the link to buy it on Amazon and other distributors.
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