About Me

My name is Diego Lopez and I am a globally-minded entrepreneur and marathon swimmer based in New York City. This blog talks about two of my main passions in life: traveling and swimming.

Born and raised in the small Canary Islands in Spain, my curiosity about the world grew with time and at age 36, I have lived in 8 different countries and visited over 80 of them. I have raced in open waters in over 15 countries, all in podium positions, and hold the 10th fastest time ever in the loop of Manhattan Island (48K). I've undertaken long, night races and am training to become an ice swimmer, too. A full list of my swims can be found in the OpenWaterPedia and MSF (races of 10K and over only).

During 2018, I aim at becoming the first person ever to complete a major, iconic, challenging race in each of the seven continents including Rottnest Channel (OZ), Robben Island (ZA), Lake Titicaca (BV), English Channel (UK), Catalina Channel (US), Clean Half (HK) and Ice KM in Antarctica. See press releases of WOWSA and SwimSwam. And I will be doing so as an Ocean Ambassador with a purpose: keeping the waters clean of plastic waste. My fundraising page for Ocean Recovery Alliance is here.

Please connect with me and follow my progress throughout 2018 in social media below: